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On the wave at Nazare!!

by Tamati Norman

Nazare as never seen before

Nazare 2018 is the most incredible video portrayal of the ancient Native Ritual of surfing I have ever seen. The cinematography is breathtaking it shows the sacred break of Nazare in a way few will ever see. Incredible work Sebastian Steudtner and Timelapse Media. The wall of water falling behind the surfers is framed so that you literally feel the waves power. This is a video I will watch over and over again for the share beauty and portrayal of the raw power of the ocean. Simply wow speechless!!

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The musings of two Kiwi blokes

by Tamati Norman

Native Mens Podcast

The Native for men podcast is the musings of a modern man Tamati Norman and his mates doing cool stuff.

I am very rarely politically correct; we discuss work, grooming, faith, families, sport, creativity and tell tall stories of our exploits.

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Do you remember your first?

by Tamati Norman

The fragrances of the land are captivating and mysterious. They call you like siren to the ships watchmen, explore me, discover me, I am adventure hear my call, every man hears this call at some point in their life. How did you respond? 
I was surrounded by fragrances of the land growing up in rural Tai Tokerau Northland New Zealand. It was not until I reached my late twenties did I realise how much of an impact my childhood and teenage environment would have on me.

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