One Dream Voyager


One Dream captures the audacious ambitions of the great wayfarer navigator standing on the shores of Hawaiki dreaming of new lands. It captures the essence of the warm tropical breeze blowing down through the Coconut palms carrying the aroma Frangipani as it ripples out across the lagoon as it meets the salty pre-dawn darkness that is the time of the wayfarer.

Moemoea is the scent that defines the moment the wayfarer raises his eyes to the stars that are his map and from which he will not take his eyes as he heads over a horizon that he knows hold treasures greater than he could ever hope for or imagine.

One Dream is a light, sophisticated, fresh fragrance designed for those that create purpose and push beyond the realms of the known world.

Fragrance Notes

Main Olfactory Directions:  Fruity - Floral

Initial Impressions:  Ylang Ylang Comores Island / Mandarin Italy / Grapefruit Spain

Developing Impressions:  Water Jasmine / Plum / Cedar Morocco

Lasting Impressions:  Chypre Accord  / Sandalwood New Caledonia / Sensual Musk Accord


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