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Native Fragrances Piha

Native fragrances were born from a rich and undiscovered Māori culture of perfume in Aotearoa New Zealand, the mystical islands of the great explorer Maui. Our Native fragrance delivers you to the magnificent and isolated island chain at the bottom of the South Pacific; the lands first to see the sun. 

Sailing by the stars, Polynesian explorers settled the Islands of Te Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa, otherwise known as the Pacific Ocean, trading exotic plants, dreams, and knowledge. 

Native perfume draws on a culture of modern innovation using the native botanicals and fragrances that Māori, as the great explorers of the rising sun, discovered and developed over thousands of years. 

We have endeavoured to capture the authentic perfumes of a long-hidden Māori fragrance culture and will continue to search the stars and ocean currents for more with each fragrance and ingredient having its own mythology, intrigue, courage, and romance.

With our Native range, we have fused two great cultures of fragrance, Māori and French.
Join us in an exciting and adventurous journey of discovery.