Anzac Day, We remember the fallen

April 25, 2017

ANZAC Native Rituals

For the past few years, we have lived on the doorstep of an active Airforce base, watching how hard our service men and women work. They do the unseen, and often, the unthanked. Currently, New Zealand has 30,000 returned serviceman and women, a number that may surprise you. The age of the returned soldier is becoming younger, no longer our grandparents but our peers. 


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Coconut Beauty

April 04, 2017

Native Rituals Coconut Beauty

We have a secret; we are in love, her name is Coconut more affectionately know as bagiyewa/niu.  This is an ancient love that has been rekindled. It started nine years ago on the remote island of Misima in Papua New Guinea while visiting Rebekah's family. 

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Welcome the colours of Autumn

March 14, 2017

Native Rituals Autumn

Over the weekend any semblance of summer disappeared over the horizon, and we welcomed in the cooler wetter days of Autumn. It felt like we were back in Papua New Guinea with the unusually high humidity in Auckland before the rain came thundering in. 

As the temperature cools down and the inevitable chill increases in the air, and we start reaching for the raincoats, jumpers, trousers and firewood, it is good to consider our skin's needs during this seasonal change.

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Valentines entree: An affair of the heart  

February 12, 2017

Native Rituals Valentines Day

 6 steps to creating a romantic and skin healthy platter

We have had some stunning weather in the upper north of New Zealand so here is hoping it holds up for Valentines Day. Although the best gift our Northland farmers could receive is buckets of rain. We want to thank our hard-working farmers for making sure we always have quality food, Good food always helps to bring love and joy to any occasion.


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    Wedding and summer skin essentials

    October 07, 2015

    Wedding Summer Skin Essentials


    Even though I've already tied the knot, I have some family weddings to look forward to this summer. So whether you're a bride or attending a particular occasion, I hope this blog helps you prepare well in establishing fundamental routines to ensure that summer radiance. Most importantly, the list could go on, but I've tried my best to inform without causing you to yawn!

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    Winter Skin Rituals

    June 16, 2015


    Welcome to Native Rituals’ first blog. I thought it would be perfect to share a few important tips about looking after the skin during winter. Considering New Zealand has had a pretty good summer, I’m sure I have it in me to appreciate a bit of nestling inside for the next few months!

    The coolest and wettest months can be unforgiving and play tricks with all aspects of our health and it so easily slips from our minds to guard our skin. Of course we all know about the importance of hydration because it becomes very obvious when we haven’t paid attention or developed defensive habits in time. I’ve had to change my perspective quite considerably with learning about the skin as a makeup artist and I’d encourage you to think of any regime as preparing, preventing and protecting. Beauty habits, whether conscious or not, always have incremental effects.

    There’s an incredible range of winter beauty advice available and I hope you find the following key points a great way to start.

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      5 natural hydrating makeup mist uses

      May 20, 2015

      5 Natural Hydrating Makeup Mist Uses

      I love it when there are multiple uses of a product and it's even better when I know I’m not adding to the list of unnatural ingredients in my makeup regime! Have fun trying these and add to the blog if you've got some other little secrets for mists. A natural addition to the bathroom/makeup bag for a winter escape to the tropics!

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