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Beautiful words from beautiful souls

  • Best natural skin care we’ve ever used! The best thing is, the whole family from infant to adult can use it. Love the products and keep up the good work!

    Justin Choi Mumby NZ

  • Coconut Milk Bath

    I brought this for myself while on holiday. This is my fourth night using this product and soaking in the bath and I have to say I have had the best nights sleep. About to order more, love this product!

    Leanne Bunnell-Haywood

  • Reviving duet

    I've been using the cleanser with the facial oil and I've loved the difference to my skin. Fresher and a smoother appearance to my skin. I love using Rongoa and it's great to have a skincare regime that infuses native ingredients. Love supporting kiwi-made, kiwi-owned!

    Piki Diamond

  • Women's Face Oil

    This product is amazing! I have suffered from adult acne (hormone related) recently and this has completely changed my skin! Within a week of using the product I have seen a massive difference!

    Olivia Nilson

  • Detoxifying Bath Soak

    Last night my husband drew me a bath and added your detoxifying bath salts to it. I was feeling really unwell, feverish and achy. I had the best, most restful sleep and am feeling a whole lot better this morning. Added perk of smelling wonderful too. Thank you!

    Nicole Rākete